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Wooden Musical Instruments of All Time

Wooden Musical Instruments of All Time

Did you know Neanderthal Flute is the oldest musical instrument in the whole world? It is said to be more than 50,000 years old. It was discovered by an archaeologist in 1995. Below are some of the wooden musical instruments developed by Carpenter Tallaght, one the best company known for making musical instruments in Ireland.

1.  Percussion Instrument

These are the types of wooden musical instruments that produce sound when hit, rubbed or wiggled. Some percussion instruments like timpani and xylophone produce unique notes when tuned differently.

Others like bass drums and castanets are untuned without a particular pitch. Did you know that the largest percussion instrument is the bass drum, while the smallest is a tambourine?

Well here are some examples of percussion instruments made from wood;

  • Aboriginal wooden musical instrument
  • Wooden bells, for example, such as the ones found in the Chinese Temple Block
  • Candombe developed by Carpenter Lucan, click here to learn more about Lucan Carpenters
  • Castanets have been with us for the last 2000 year. It said that the castanets are from Mars while the female ones are from Venus
  • Marimba
  • Xylophone

Wooden precision musical instruments are widely loved for they add colour and excitement with the lovely sounds they produce.

2.  Wind Instrument

Also known as the woodwind musical instruments, were initially made of wood as the main material. However, with the quickly advancing technology, these wooden instruments are made with a combination of plastics, metals and other materials. For these instruments to work, the air is blown through their mouthpieces, while one closes and opens the holes using his or her fingers. Below are some of the examples of the woodwind instrument;

  • Piccolo
  • Oboe
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • English horn
  • E-flat clarinet
  • Bass clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Contrabass

Wooden Musical Instruments of All Time

3.  Stringed Instruments

Wooden stringed musical instruments generate sound by the vibration of the strings which are stretched. The strings are made from metal, vegetable fibre and silk. Two types of woods are used to make stringed musical instruments. You can have woods for soundboards and wood for the frame boards. The sound is produced when the strings are plucked, struck or bowed. learn more about woodworking at

The following are some of the types of string wooden musical instruments available out there;

  • Violin – Did you know the violin is the string musical instrument that makes the vociferous sound? Violins are divided into two groups, these are; the first violin that plays melodies and the second one which plays both melodies and harmony.
  • Viola – This one is related to the violin but it’s a bit bigger with a dimension of two feet long with thicker strings that produce a richer sound.
  • Cello – this one is bigger than violin and viola and sounds closely like a human voice with a variety of tones.
  • Double bass – it is known to be the biggest of them all and has long strings that play very low notes.
  • Harp – this is one special strong musical instrument made from wood. Unlike other string instruments, this one has 47 strings. Each string has a different colour and plays a different note. Harp is also able to change the pitch of every string through the help of the seven-foot pedals that are located at the bottom to


Wooden musical instruments for all ages have changed to perfection over the years. Some have changed with the design and shape but still produce the same sound as before.

The Best and Easy Website Hosts for Music

The Best and Easy Website Hosts for Music

The music industry is becoming tough and more competitive every day. This has forced musicians to look for other alternatives, for example, having and managing a website. But with a lot of hosting platforms to choose from, one is unable to identify the best hosting site for his or her music. Below are some of the best and easy websites hosts you can choose from for your music.

Cliqued Hosting

Cliqued Hosting offers a variety of forms which include, WordPress, VPS and also it’s known to have the cheapest option when it comes to shared hosting. This is a good choice for musicians who are looking to save as much as they can.

Cliqued Host will give you four plans for it’s Shared Hostings which are categorized from lowest to the highest. The plans are as follows,

  • Basic hosting
  • Plus hosting
  • Choice plus hosting
  • Pro hosting

As you start your journey as a musician or decide to create your website, it’s recommended that you start with the basic plan. This will give you security and you can also turn your visitors into real fans.


This is an easy host for music as it gives you flexibility, affordability and has 45 days for money back as compared to others that offer 30 days. Hostgator has three plans to choose from they include;

  • Hatchling host plan
  • Many host plan
  • Business host plan

With Hostgator, you will be able to build a musical site with the availability of tools and website building templates they offer. Hostgator has good support options with a video tutorial to assist in setting up your music site. This hosting is also good for pbn hosting.

The Best and Easy Website Hosts for Music

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is known for being a trustworthy site that offers the best hosting site for musicians. They guarantee musicians an easy and secure hosting with 90 days money back as compared to the others that offer 30days. InMotion has three plans offering shared hosting packages which are as follows,

  • Launch plan
  • Power plan
  • Pro plan

InMotion has a big offer to the user that goes towards advertising in credit forms, this is a bonus especially when promoting your music. This is one of the easiest websites to use with free backup and excellent security. It also has options for WordPress, VPS, reseller and Dedication. Your music will grow in popularity as you become famous too.

With the help of a website builder, you can create a good site while enjoying it. This is why it is the best hosting available for musicians. learning more about learning music at

iPage Hosting Site

iPage is a bit different as compared to some other website hosting. They only have one plan for everyone which has enabled them to be in the industry for over 20years with 1 million customers. Apart from affordability, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited domain and scalable bandwidth.

With the iPage hosting site, you get free marketing tools that you can use to promote your music and the availability of artistic features that appeal to the musical industry.


When looking for sites to host your music easily, always check the monthly prices before signing up, look for small prints as some of them may have extra costs. Remember to use a host that offers 24/7 support and uptime assurance.