Wooden Musical Instruments of All Time

Wooden Musical Instruments of All Time

Did you know Neanderthal Flute is the oldest musical instrument in the whole world? It is said to be more than 50,000 years old. It was discovered by an archaeologist in 1995. Below are some of the wooden musical instruments developed by Carpenter Tallaght, one the best company known for making musical instruments in Ireland.

1.  Percussion Instrument

These are the types of wooden musical instruments that produce sound when hit, rubbed or wiggled. Some percussion instruments like timpani and xylophone produce unique notes when tuned differently.

Others like bass drums and castanets are untuned without a particular pitch. Did you know that the largest percussion instrument is the bass drum, while the smallest is a tambourine?

Well here are some examples of percussion instruments made from wood;

  • Aboriginal wooden musical instrument
  • Wooden bells, for example, such as the ones found in the Chinese Temple Block
  • Candombe developed by Carpenter Lucan, click here to learn more about Lucan Carpenters
  • Castanets have been with us for the last 2000 year. It said that the castanets are from Mars while the female ones are from Venus
  • Marimba
  • Xylophone

Wooden precision musical instruments are widely loved for they add colour and excitement with the lovely sounds they produce.

2.  Wind Instrument

Also known as the woodwind musical instruments, were initially made of wood as the main material. However, with the quickly advancing technology, these wooden instruments are made with a combination of plastics, metals and other materials. For these instruments to work, the air is blown through their mouthpieces, while one closes and opens the holes using his or her fingers. Below are some of the examples of the woodwind instrument;

  • Piccolo
  • Oboe
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • English horn
  • E-flat clarinet
  • Bass clarinet
  • Bassoon
  • Contrabass

Wooden Musical Instruments of All Time

3.  Stringed Instruments

Wooden stringed musical instruments generate sound by the vibration of the strings which are stretched. The strings are made from metal, vegetable fibre and silk. Two types of woods are used to make stringed musical instruments. You can have woods for soundboards and wood for the frame boards. The sound is produced when the strings are plucked, struck or bowed. learn more about woodworking at https://www.residencestyle.com/understanding-basic-woodworking-skills-everyone-should-know/

The following are some of the types of string wooden musical instruments available out there;

  • Violin – Did you know the violin is the string musical instrument that makes the vociferous sound? Violins are divided into two groups, these are; the first violin that plays melodies and the second one which plays both melodies and harmony.
  • Viola – This one is related to the violin but it’s a bit bigger with a dimension of two feet long with thicker strings that produce a richer sound.
  • Cello – this one is bigger than violin and viola and sounds closely like a human voice with a variety of tones.
  • Double bass – it is known to be the biggest of them all and has long strings that play very low notes.
  • Harp – this is one special strong musical instrument made from wood. Unlike other string instruments, this one has 47 strings. Each string has a different colour and plays a different note. Harp is also able to change the pitch of every string through the help of the seven-foot pedals that are located at the bottom to


Wooden musical instruments for all ages have changed to perfection over the years. Some have changed with the design and shape but still produce the same sound as before.

The Best and Easy Website Hosts for Music

The Best and Easy Website Hosts for Music

The music industry is becoming tough and more competitive every day. This has forced musicians to look for other alternatives, for example, having and managing a website. But with a lot of hosting platforms to choose from, one is unable to identify the best hosting site for his or her music. Below are some of the best and easy websites hosts you can choose from for your music.

Cliqued Hosting

Cliqued Hosting offers a variety of forms which include, WordPress, VPS and also it’s known to have the cheapest option when it comes to shared hosting. This is a good choice for musicians who are looking to save as much as they can.

Cliqued Host will give you four plans for it’s Shared Hostings which are categorized from lowest to the highest. The plans are as follows,

  • Basic hosting
  • Plus hosting
  • Choice plus hosting
  • Pro hosting

As you start your journey as a musician or decide to create your website, it’s recommended that you start with the basic plan. This will give you security and you can also turn your visitors into real fans.


This is an easy host for music as it gives you flexibility, affordability and has 45 days for money back as compared to others that offer 30 days. Hostgator has three plans to choose from they include;

  • Hatchling host plan
  • Many host plan
  • Business host plan

With Hostgator, you will be able to build a musical site with the availability of tools and website building templates they offer. Hostgator has good support options with a video tutorial to assist in setting up your music site. This hosting is also good for pbn hosting.

The Best and Easy Website Hosts for Music

InMotion Hosting

InMotion is known for being a trustworthy site that offers the best hosting site for musicians. They guarantee musicians an easy and secure hosting with 90 days money back as compared to the others that offer 30days. InMotion has three plans offering shared hosting packages which are as follows,

  • Launch plan
  • Power plan
  • Pro plan

InMotion has a big offer to the user that goes towards advertising in credit forms, this is a bonus especially when promoting your music. This is one of the easiest websites to use with free backup and excellent security. It also has options for WordPress, VPS, reseller and Dedication. Your music will grow in popularity as you become famous too.

With the help of a website builder, you can create a good site while enjoying it. This is why it is the best hosting available for musicians. learning more about learning music at https://www.bobbygiles.com/how-can-i-learn-music-while-staying-at-home/

iPage Hosting Site

iPage is a bit different as compared to some other website hosting. They only have one plan for everyone which has enabled them to be in the industry for over 20years with 1 million customers. Apart from affordability, you get unlimited disk space, unlimited domain and scalable bandwidth.

With the iPage hosting site, you get free marketing tools that you can use to promote your music and the availability of artistic features that appeal to the musical industry.


When looking for sites to host your music easily, always check the monthly prices before signing up, look for small prints as some of them may have extra costs. Remember to use a host that offers 24/7 support and uptime assurance.

How Can I Learn Music While Staying At Home?

How Can I Learn Music While Staying At Home?

Music is a great creative outlet for many of us. It helps us to understand and feel different emotions that we may sometimes have difficulty expressing. Music helps to improve our mood. It lifts us up when we’re feeling sad. Music is a very calming force when we’re experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.

Many of us enjoy listening to our favorite artists in concert. Unfortunately, due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, almost all live shows have been put on hold for the forseeable future. It’s a difficult situation for music lovers, musicians, music techs, venue owners, concert promoters and many others.

Music students who have grown accustomed to in-person learning have had to find new ways to learn. Here are some of the best ways that you can learn music at home:

Listen to what you love.

Even though we can’t enjoy live music right now, that doesn’t mean that we have to stop enjoying music. Keep listening to the songs and artists that you love. You might pick up a few ideas for your own original compositions. Continue to support the artist you love by buying music and merchandise. Share their music on your social media pages for others to appreciate.

Watch instructional videos

Your music tutor may already be posting online lessons during the downtime. Watch them when time allows and interact with your teacher. There are a lot of other instructional videos on YouTube, social media platforms and other outlets that you can learn from. These lessons are available for students at all experience levels, from beginners to experts.

How Can I Learn Music While Staying At Home?

Learn about music history

If you like a particular musician or music genre, now is the perfect time to start learning more about them. Find articles online about the particular subjects that you’re most interested in. You can learn about artists’ history and find out what motivated them to create some of their most popular songs. You might even pick up a few tips that could help you push through writer’s block or successfully master a difficult song.Artists are now making there own websites so that you can listen music online while staying at home and web designing companies are helping musicians to get them online there Innovative Web Design Ideas helping musicians to stay in contact with their fans while staying at home at this difficult time.

Read sheet music

Another way to keep yourself busy during quarantine is by reading sheet music. This might not be the way that everyone learns how to play music, but it can be a very good way to stay focused. You can go online to find sheet music that you can download for free or for a nominal charge. Start with songs by artistst that you enjoy.

Keep practicing!

If you want to become a better musician, you have to keep practicing! Block off some time in your schedule to practice every day. Start with songs that you’re familiar with or already know how to play. After enough practice, you can work your way up toward more complicated songs. No matter what happens, keep playing. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t master a song right away. It’s going to take time. The effort will be worth it in the end.

Write your own songs.

When you’re ready, you can start writing your own songs. They don’t have to be perfect. Just write what you feel from your heart. You might want to write the lyrics first, or you may come up with the melody and then find the words to accompany it. You could also write an instrumental song or two. Feel free to make edits or adjustments along the way.

Learn how to record music

Once you’ve written a few songs that you like, you might want to consider recording them. There are plenty of programs that you can download and learn. You don’t need a fancy recording studio or high-priced engineers. You may want to record different elements separately (vocals, guitars, percussion, etc.) and then learn how to edit and mix those elements together to create your own unique compositions.

Go live!

One of the best ways to assess your musical abilities is by gathering feedback from your peers. You can accomplish this by going live on your social media pages. Host a performance from the comfort of home in the presence of your family members who live with you. You could even teleconference in other fellow musicians simultaneously.

These are just some of the many ways that you can continue to learn and play music from home. Find a quiet place in your home where you can learn and study. Stay focused, and don’t forget to have fun! The creative process should be enjoyable. Keep it up, you’ll be back to attending music lessons and concerts in person in no time.

Amazing US Music Festivals in unique locations

Amazing US Music Festivals in unique locations

There are dozens of music festivals nationwide. It’s finding them that can be a bit puzzling. Especially if you don’t know where they’re located. Some of the most amazing US music festivals are in unique locations. There are some similar to the music festival which took place in the late 1960’s, Woodstock. Woodstock is the ideal example of a US music festival that takes place in a unique location. In fact, it took place in Ulster County, New York (and it was considered a “hamlet”).


Coachella 2019 had a lineup which included Ariana Grande, Bad Bunny, Clairo, Ella May, Childish Gambino and many more. It was a huge success because of the charging stations it offers for guests, the ticket centers for those who need (you guessed it) a ticket and even bus rides to the nearby convenient stores and supermarkets.  The best thing about it is that it’s in a “legal state” that makes it all more unique and that ‘s Colorado, California. The starting ticket price for a weekend getaway to the All-Star lineup was $429!

Amazing US Music Festivals in unique locations


Considerably one of the unique places to have a music festival, Las Vegas, Nevada always welcomes music fests. In fact, the line up was late to confirm it’s musicians and entire lineup since it didn’t do it until near April but the tickets went on sale nevertheless. With so many electronics to come out into the global market, it seasoned the great artists that caused waves of techno and rave dance all day and night. Digging into the music scene couldn’t get any better because of the dancing along with groups such as Ultra of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Tomorrowland.

Those influenced were considered “chilled folks” and nearby chill stations. This was one of the great things about the show. Attending a concert in Vegas never will disappoint since it’s known for gambling and not really this type of music. Unique it was and a very easily accessible venue to attend in 2019. 


The New Orleans JazzFest was a hit because not only is it cheap to attend ($70), it’s in New Orleans! It ran in April 25th through May 5, 2019 which featured a line-up that will WOW! any music lover. It’s considerably focused on Jazz. Yet, it had Salsa, Cajun, Delta Blues, Hip Hop, Blues, and various other styles. The unique place it was held made even The Rolling Stones and Pitbull jam on the stage regardless if they aren’t Jazz!

Finally, when you think you have seen it all, don’t be surprised where the next huge music festival will be at. Nevertheless, in the United States, there’s always going to be a music fest in a unique place because of so many hot spots America has. Besides, look where Woodstock was held, by a private land owner who didn’t think anything of it and it’s been 50 years since the hippie styled music fest took place.

Places to travel to get amazing food

Places to travel to get amazing food

Mexico is one of those places you may not want to travel to but, there are some regions there which are known for their authentic food. The Baja Coast is one place where you will get the ideal Mediterranean Mexican Cuisine! In fact, with so much going on right now in that country, there is one thing that is set in stone, literally. It is the fact that Mexico has some amazing food to eat while travelling down the coast to Ensenada, Tijuana, and other areas of the Baja Coastline! 

Traveling allows you to try amazing food in Tijuana

First of all, you have to try the Caesar’s Salad since this is where it originally came from! Tijuana is where it was derived actually. Surfers are known to have energy because of their active sports life. With this in mind, instead of restaurants weighing people down with heavy carbs, sugars, and other nonsense, making food authentically healthy is the key because of the lifestyle in the Coast of Baja.  Therefore, Chefs became obsessed with greens, avocados, tomatoes, …etc. and anything with fish such as salmon! The food is considerably the most authentic, flavory, tasty, and healthy…plus it’s cheap!  

Traveling allows you to try amazing food in Ensenada

Travel to Ensenada and try out in various eatery shacks the fish and shrimp tacos! These are amazing to eat, and you’ll love how much shrimp they put on them. In fact, it’s not like any other eatery out their which normally give you 3-4 shrimp. Instead, they pack it up into a buttery, fluffy, floury tortilla with various chunks of tomato, onion, avocados, fish, and shrimp. You can naturally get either/or but whatever the case, it’s amazing to eat when you travel to the coast of Baja Cali or Baja Mexico! 

Places to travel to get amazing food

Traveling allows you to try amazing food in Italy!

When you travel to Italy, notice how many cafes, bars, and restaurants you can choose to eat at 24/7!

Pizza, gelato, and spaghetti are the 3 major dishes you have to try in Italy. These are normally going to be made with various house sauces that only the chef or the owner know (as well as the head of the family). It is traditional to make Bigoli also. Bigoli has thick, wide spaghetti, wild duck, dry red wine, and fresh vegetables. The sauce is magically made by the chef and normally when it is made no secret will be given out to anyone. Salads normally come first with this meal, but it is said that if you do go to Italy, trying these dishes are a must!  

Traveling allows you to try amazing Osso buco alla Milanese ibn Milan

This dish is a meat dish and you must give it a try when you go to Italy. It’s not any chicken either although it is said to taste grade when the Chef adds veal shanks. Braised normally with veggies and white wine…this dish serves as a reminder to all that Italy knows the finer food amongst all other countries. There is also a buttery, rich marrow that the veal bones have inside the bones, which is also, amazingly, part of the dish. If you ever go to Milan, know that that is the place to try it! 

Finally, when you think you have tried it all, traveling allows you to try amazing food in various other places like in Austin, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, New York, City, and Paris! There are so many places you can try amazing food although the best ones are not on the internet or online. Therefore, when you go to these places, the most wises thing to do is to simply ask the locals and you will find those hot spots!



My momma’s second daddy’s name was Dud ‘don’t call me Grandpa’ Burns. He was a bone-a-fide farmer too, complete with a big ol’ barn, tractors, combines, plows, chickens, dogs, cats, rats, mice, horses, pigs, goats, donkeys, cattle…the whole kit-n-kabootle. I have seven cousins-n-every one of ’em, me included, spent time helpin’ out on the farm. There’s one big difference between those fellas-n-me…they can plow a field. Now I can drive a tractor y’all…but I t plow a straight line for nothin’. I’d ride next to Dud-n-he’d tell me to keep my eyes on a point on the horizon, never look away, keep the wheel pointed thataway…so that’s what I did. Then he’d jump off at the turnrow-n-turn me out. I tried-n-tried-n-tried but all my rows came out wavy. Dud figured I was too ‘cityfied’…he finally just gave up. What’s the big deal about a straight row anyhow? I never did get the hang of it…plowin’ just ain’t me…at all!

We went out to his place after church one Sunday. I headed to the barn where he was workin’ on one of the ol’ tractors…let me tell ya it was a belcher too…duck tape wouldn’t even help this scrap pile…but there he was so there I was. He put me under the front end…had me hold a wrench on some gizmo while he scooted up top-n-went to poundin’ on some other contraption with his favorite tool, a ballpeen hammer…and he was whackin’ that dude somethin’ ferocious! Anyway…he gave it a good hard shot-n-that hammer come outta his hand…did a few curlicues, and smacked me right square on the noggin’. After that thing dang-near knocked me out…after it hit me between the eyes…after!…Dud hollered ‘watch out!’. When my eyes got uncrossed I asked him why he didn’t holler somethin’ before that hammer made it’s …the ol’ coot never did give me an answer…he t talk-n-laugh at the same time. I think he was gettin’ back at me for all those crooked rows he had to do over.

Today I was thinkin’…sometimes that’s exactly how I feel…I get hammered by somethin’ outta nowhere-n-afterwards God says ‘watch out’. Ever felt that way?…could just be a cityfied thing I guess. But I got a truth today that pretty much settles the issue for me…the issue of feelin’ as though the Creator of all things sneezes ever once in a while…He never does though…regardless of how we feel.

A lot of times we do get the cars on the Glory Train out of order don’t we…there’s only three cars see…the first is truth (fact)…then faith…then feeling…in that order. Truth pulls faith…truth-n-faith pull feelings…not the other way around. Got truth?…”He who planted the ear, does He not hear? He who formed the eye, does He not see?” (Psalms 94:9). God sees our crooked rows…even hears our hammers…he sees-n-hears it all! Got faith?…”I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last” (Revelation 22:13)…oh yeh, God’s got it all under control. Got feelings?…”Through Him, then, let us continually lay on the altar a sacrifice of praise to God, namely, the utterance of lips that give thanks to His Name” (Hebrews 13:15)…even for all our crooked rows-n-hammers! “Listen to this secret truth: we shall not all die, but when the last trumpet sounds, we shall all be changed in an instant, as quickly as the blinking of an eye. For when the trumpet sounds, the dead will be raised, never to die again, and we shall all be changed” (1 Corinthians 15:51)…WATCH OUT!!



On a personal note, I’m having the time of my life! Y’all are allowing me to spend all my time with my most favorite person in the world. I’m somewhat prejudiced when it comes to that little girl…my Dad calls it ‘henpecked’. If that’s what loving your wife means then henpecked it is! I don’t honestly think I truly knew how much I meant to Jeniece until all this happened. I may have told you this but I’ll risk redundant…Jeniece has never been a real lovey-dovey person…you know, all the ‘ooey-gooey’ stuff. Well git back fellas I think it’s a gusher!!…she is so in love with me I’m about to bust from all this attention. It is such a rush to see her light up when I come in the room or help her exercise or raise her up out of bed…all those things you and I sometimes take for granted. Anyway…she tells me a hundred times a I love …ain’t that a hoot? It dang sure is to me and I’m all over it! How can anyone honestly love someone this much?…Mercy!

I was thanking God today for the of being the recipient of and my wife loves me. In my spirit it was as if He you’re . I was thinking about that reply during chair-time. Ya know?…I’ve thanked Him many times for Jeniece…emphatically with thank you that she’s still here …as well as, in a ’round about way, with I way out-kicked my coverage Lord…please don’t reveal that to her just …dumb remarks like that. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard Him affirm her as His gift to me until today. The Creator of my favorite gift just wanted to remind me that He not only gave me Jeniece He’s also giving me all things in life…even life itself. I think I’m the one out there getting this done or achieving that or opening this door or what have you…nah, it’s all a gift given by God Who loves me euphorically…enough to remind me you’re .

Anyway…this is a far cry from a word from Him, but I just wanted y’all to know that your kindness to us is the perfect manifestation of the King of kings you’re . I pray your sacrifice for us is returned to you a thousand fold. More than that, I pray you actually experience the depth of your love for your spouse…their love for you…the “love never failsl” (1 Corinthians 13:8) of the Holy Scriptures…and the Giver of it all’you’re . Stay close…the whisper is soft.



Ya know?…nothing creates an atmosphere for healing like a body that wants to be healed…a mind that wants to be renewed…a child that wants to be taught…a spirit that wants to follow. Jeniece is all of that-n-more…she not only wants healing she believes in healing…and there’s a big difference. Since ’96 ve been on her unique pathway to healing filled with all sorts of what the world would call ‘quackery’…you know, those counter-culture, earth-muffin, el-naturale modalities that we’re supposed to be afraid of and t possibly work because the establishment says they don’t. It’s an interesting journey this pathway…the only one’s that really know if it accomplishes anything are the people fortunate enough to be on the trip.

I’ve been told by every medical professional except one, and almost all our friends, that we’re wasting our time and resources on hopelessness. We know in our hearts that these folks care for and love us…we love them too. Here’s the way we see it…if our hope is in Christ and His resources…if everything is created by Him…if we are indeed His children…if He has given us everything we need for life…if He gives us the desires of our hearts…we believe that includes the unknown realm of His revelations as it relates to each of us…individually and collectively…as we’re led up the pathway of healing…including the fruits-n-nuts He’s created…even those with hands and feet. It’s true I think…even for His own children…sometimes our pathway leads to “absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:8)…we all eventually die. We also believe its true that the pathway always leads to healing. This is such a remarkable journey…s actually encouraging to trust Him to bring compassions “new every morning” (Lamentations 3:23) for us to look at, and sometimes try. So our hope-n-prayer is that y’all will continue to support our efforts for healing. Yes they seem weird at times…even for us…and yes, they can be quite expensive. But He has always made provision…and He always will…”when we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself” (2 Timothy 2:13).

Believing in In the beginning God (Genesis 1:1) “the Word became flesh” (John 1:14) “This is my Son” (Luke 9:35) “I and the Father are One” (John 10:30) “I am the resurrection and the life” (John 11:25) “Everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened” (Matthew 7:8) “He who has found his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake shall find it” (Matthew 10:39) “I am the bread of life” (John 6:35) “By His stripes you were healed” (1 Peter 2:24) “I will come again” (John 14:3) stuff? Living by faith and not by sight?…shoot y’all, it can’t be truea…there’s no proof…no scientific evidence…no documentation…nobody’s ever seen it…it’s quackery!!



Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two days of the year when I eat whatever I want. Just to clarify…if it’s homemade it’s gonna get deposited. My favorite cheatin’ pie is a buttermilk pie…if there’s one within a two block area of where I am on those two holidays I’ll find that dude! But I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth…a friend brought a homemade Sweet Potato Pie this morning, filled with everything in it that you’d want…but nothing I eat during the year.

At this hour that pie is about half gone and I have a sugar high that has my head ready to pop off my shoulders! I seem to need a spoonful or two each time I go to the kitchen…I think I’m addicted! Sorta like the Word…I need a spoonful or two each time I breathe…I know I’m addicted! Okay…it’s an odd analogy I know, but think about it…the King of Kings gives us “the bread of life” (John 6:48) and we t live without it. I can live without sweet potato pie–did I mention it’s homemade?!?–but I t exist for one single second without His ‘homemade’ Word…”man shall not live by” sweet potato pie?…nope…”bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). The Father tells us “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). And now…through the gift of grace…that Word… …Jesus…lives ‘in’ us. Yessirree y’all…Sweet Potatoe Pie-n-Jesus!…there’s always something to be thankful for.