Places to travel to get amazing food

Places to travel to get amazing food

Mexico is one of those places you may not want to travel to but, there are some regions there which are known for their authentic food. The Baja Coast is one place where you will get the ideal Mediterranean Mexican Cuisine! In fact, with so much going on right now in that country, there is one thing that is set in stone, literally. It is the fact that Mexico has some amazing food to eat while travelling down the coast to Ensenada, Tijuana, and other areas of the Baja Coastline! 

Traveling allows you to try amazing food in Tijuana

First of all, you have to try the Caesar’s Salad since this is where it originally came from! Tijuana is where it was derived actually. Surfers are known to have energy because of their active sports life. With this in mind, instead of restaurants weighing people down with heavy carbs, sugars, and other nonsense, making food authentically healthy is the key because of the lifestyle in the Coast of Baja.  Therefore, Chefs became obsessed with greens, avocados, tomatoes, …etc. and anything with fish such as salmon! The food is considerably the most authentic, flavory, tasty, and healthy…plus it’s cheap!  

Traveling allows you to try amazing food in Ensenada

Travel to Ensenada and try out in various eatery shacks the fish and shrimp tacos! These are amazing to eat, and you’ll love how much shrimp they put on them. In fact, it’s not like any other eatery out their which normally give you 3-4 shrimp. Instead, they pack it up into a buttery, fluffy, floury tortilla with various chunks of tomato, onion, avocados, fish, and shrimp. You can naturally get either/or but whatever the case, it’s amazing to eat when you travel to the coast of Baja Cali or Baja Mexico! 

Places to travel to get amazing food

Traveling allows you to try amazing food in Italy!

When you travel to Italy, notice how many cafes, bars, and restaurants you can choose to eat at 24/7!

Pizza, gelato, and spaghetti are the 3 major dishes you have to try in Italy. These are normally going to be made with various house sauces that only the chef or the owner know (as well as the head of the family). It is traditional to make Bigoli also. Bigoli has thick, wide spaghetti, wild duck, dry red wine, and fresh vegetables. The sauce is magically made by the chef and normally when it is made no secret will be given out to anyone. Salads normally come first with this meal, but it is said that if you do go to Italy, trying these dishes are a must!  

Traveling allows you to try amazing Osso buco alla Milanese ibn Milan

This dish is a meat dish and you must give it a try when you go to Italy. It’s not any chicken either although it is said to taste grade when the Chef adds veal shanks. Braised normally with veggies and white wine…this dish serves as a reminder to all that Italy knows the finer food amongst all other countries. There is also a buttery, rich marrow that the veal bones have inside the bones, which is also, amazingly, part of the dish. If you ever go to Milan, know that that is the place to try it! 

Finally, when you think you have tried it all, traveling allows you to try amazing food in various other places like in Austin, Texas, New Orleans, Louisiana, New York, City, and Paris! There are so many places you can try amazing food although the best ones are not on the internet or online. Therefore, when you go to these places, the most wises thing to do is to simply ask the locals and you will find those hot spots!